Galmandsværk - Uffe Lorenzen (Vinyl)


Uffe Lorenzen (alias Lorenzo Woodrose) is the frontman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat but from now on he will be recording and performing under his own name and be singing in Danish. The first result is the new solo album Galmandsværk due out November 10th which was conceived during a vacation on the small volcanic island Gomera near the coast of Marocco where he stayed in a small room doing nothing but writing new songs for 10 weeks.

Uffe Lorenzen: “I was given the opportunity to travel for a few months last winter and decided to spend a lot of time looking at the ocean and writing songs in Danish. I think I have found my own method and perhaps even a more personal angle than before. I still think writing in Danish is a challenge, but I feel that the more honest expression deserves a more honest packaging, so the name Lorenzo Woodrose, which was really designed for people outside of Denmark to be able to pronounce my name when we started out, suddenly felt oddly superficial”.

Galmandsværk (loosely translates to “act of madness”) contains 10 songs that goes in many directions and sounds as if Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Dragontears merged and turned into something new. The sound of the album is mostly acoustic.

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The songs are

Page 1

Dansker, Rimets Tyranni, Ridset Plade, Flippertøs, På Kanten Af Verden.

Page 2:

Sang Om Merværdi, Ny By, Min Skygge, Høj Som Et Højhus, Blues For Havet.