The Doors: The Soft Parade / An American Prayer

CD'en indeholder numre fra både "The Soft Parade" og "An American Prayer" (der er produceret efter Jim Morrisons død) + nogle ekstranumre + Bonus :-)
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Fra "The Soft Parade":

Tell all The People, Touch me, Shaman's Blues, Do It, Easy Ride, Wild Child, Runnin' Blue, Wishful Sinful, The Soft Parade.

Fra "An American Prayer" + ekstra:

Awake, Ghost Song, Dawn's Highway, Newborn Awakening, To come of Age, Black Polished Chrome, Latino Chrome, Angels and Sailors, Stoned Immaculate, The Movie, Curses, Invocations, American Night, Roadhouse Blues, World on Fire, Lament, The Hitchhiker, An American Prayer, Hour for Magic, Freedom Exists, A Feast of Friends.

Bonus: Babylon Fading, Bird of Prey, The Ghost Song.