Psykedelic States: Georgia in the 60s

Psykedelic States er en samling CD'er med Psykedelisk Rock/Garagerock Bands fra 60'erne, der hver fokuserer på en specifik stat i USA. Denne er fra Georgia.
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Numrene er:

Up my Mind, I want you to know, Go Away, Sets my Soul on Fire, I hope you're proud, Yes it's too bad, Hurry, Thinkin' about you, Ode to a Girl, Plastic Thunder, Ballad of a useless Man, Continentals Jam, Times with you, I've been told, A Woman, The Way, Meggie, Laugh in my Face, That Creature, If I could, I can't look down, How can I tell everybody, Found Love, So Much, People Say, Starry Eyed Woman, Go on Leave.