Psykedelic States: Florida in the 60s Vol I

Psykedelic States er en samling CD'er med Psykedelisk Rock/Garagerock Bands fra 60'erne, der hver fokuserer på en specifik stat i USA. Denne er fra Florida Vol I.
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Keep in touch, You're gonna cry, World, Who loved her ?, Undertakers Theme, Xcedrin Headache #69, No Place or Time, Cheating, Farewell to today and tomorrow, Shadows, Grim Reaper, 2's better than 3, High Wednesday, She's coming on stronger, You Lied, Who in the World, Can't go on this Way, I talk to the Sun, I Know, She means all in the World for me, Not this Time, Miss Blue Three Quarter, I can feel it, I'll get by without you, Please Agree, I will make History, Ain't it a Shame, Searching.