Psykedelic States: Alabama in the 60s Vol I

Psykedelic States er en samling CD'er med Psykedelisk Rock/Garagerock Bands fra 60'erne, der hver fokuserer på en specifik stat i USA. Denne er Vol I fra Alabama.
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Numrene er:

Cyclothymia, Your Love, Home at Last, Green Knight, I'm leaving you, Midnight Gray, Comin' on back to me, Walkin' the Dog, I need you, Bye Tyme, The Red Invasion, Tell her No, The Judge and Jury, Can't you stop it now, She Lied, Poul Revere 250, Shadows of You, I won't have to worry, She can't be won, I'm leaving here, Reflections og Charles Brown, She's been travelling 'round the World, Come back to me, Why can't I dream ?, I'm no good, By my Side, Funny kinda Day, Gotta' go Now, Maybe Later.