Christiania - Stik Dem En Plade (vinyl)


In connection to Christianias birthday, the 26 of september, Christiania and Støt Danmark Fonden released the album ”Stik Dem En Plade” in limited edition and pressed on yellow vinyl.

A lot of things happened since the first ”Christiania” LP was released in 1976. The world has changed and so has Christiania.

On ”Stik Dem En Plade” a status is made of where Christianias music life is in 2020. Here is everything from big established names to new talents and old, well-kept secrets.

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Side 1

Christiania Står Her Stadig, Freestate, Rabbit Hole, Balladen Om Staden, Skyder og Misser, Ude På Staden, Christiania Bumsens Vise.

Side 2:

Christianshavns Torv, Universal Love, Helt Speciel, Christiania Drømmer, Hemmelig Kanon, En Fri Stad, Flere Frie Steder.