String Driven Thing - The mashine that Cried / The Early Years

Skotsk Folk / Rock Band dannet i 60'erne af ægteparret Chris og Pouline Adams. På guitar John Mannion og på el-violin Graham Smith. CD'en har numre fra både "The Machine that Cried" og "The Early Years". Syret musik. Inkl Booklet.
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Numrene er:

Fra "The Machine that Cried":

Heartfeeder, To see you, Night Club, Sold down the River, Two timin' Mama, Travelling, People on the Street, The House, The Machine that Cried, River of Sleep: a) The Sowee, b) Search in Time, c) Going Down.

Fra "The Early Years":

July Morning, Say what you like, Magic Garden, Wonderful Places, I don't wanna wake up, City Man, Another night in this old City, That's my Lady, Catch as catch can, No more you and I, Lie back and let it happen, One of the lonely people.