Psykedelic States - New York in the 60's Vol II

Psykedelic States er en samling CD'er med Psykedelisk Rock/Garagerock Bands fra 60'erne, der hver fokuserer på en specifik stat i USA. Denne er Vol II fra New York.
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Numrene er:

When I needed You, Pull the Wool, The Subterranean Edible Fungus, Up there, She, All about Love, Mean Willy, Don't call my Name, Frustration, Green Grass makes it better, Poor Boy Happy Boy, Wanted, Close that Door, My Rights, Once upon a Taste, The Morning after, I like you, Mean Town, Secondary man, I'll give you Love, Trip with me, Careless Love, We'll build our own kind of Love, Fool, On The Edge, There's a Girl down The way, Strawberry Pie Lounge, I won't be Home, Crack in my Wall.