Psykedelic States - New York in the 60's Vol I

Psykedelic States er en samling CD'er med Psykedelisk Rock/Garagerock Bands fra 60'erne, der hver fokuserer på en specifik stat i USA. Denne er Vol I fra New York.
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Numrene er:

Don't want your Lovin', Wait, Last Stop, Bad Trip,  Can't get you out of my Heart (The Rustics), A Change is gonna come, Superhog, She Ain't Worth all that, Why Baby Why, She Understands, Everybody needs Somebody, Lela, She's  too familiar now, Freedom, I can't get her out of my Heart (Bay Ridge), Please Stay, Where, Knock on my Door, Stay Away, Flower, Give me Love, Little Girl, Sick and Tired, I'm your Man, Dirty Shame, I can't feel it, Baby Bring a Way, All my Life.