Triprapport - Uffe Lorenzen


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Like on the first Uffe Lorenzen solo album Galmandsværk from November 2017 the new album takes the listener on a journey. Through space to an alien galaxy. To a Danish summerhouse, where a row of birch trees headbang in the wind. Inside the sacred home of a female Inuit shaman. Riding the river out and ending with death and rebirth. The inspiration for the new songs came to Uffe Lorenzen during a stay at a summerhouse in the middle of nowhere.

Uffe Lorenzen: “All the songs are written in a relatively short period of time, as I spent about 14 days alone in a borrowed summerhouse. It was in the month of September and in quite stormy weather, so the whole area was pretty depopulated. In fact, I hardly saw another human being for 2 weeks. The first couple of days I just noodled on the guitar and thought about how to get started. But as soon as that peculiar loneliness set in I ate all the mushrooms I had brought and the songs just came one by one”.

The fact that the songs has been written in a short but intense period of time makes Triprapport seem like a more coherent album than Galmandsværk. Lorenzen is singing and playing most of the instruments himself with a little help from Anders Kjærgaard (synth), Adam Dreisler (flute), Vicki Singh (sitar/tablas) and Peter Knudsen (lapsteel).

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The songs are:

Psykonauten, Alting Er Eet, Triprapport, Anyakkoq, Lille Fugl, Floden, Aldrig Mere Ned, Hallo Hallo Frøken