Third Eye Creators og Third State TILBUD


Tilbud - du kan købe alle 3 CD'er for 250 kr dvs: Third Eye Creators "First Exposure" + "Sonic Revelations for the Blind" og Third State "Another Place / Another State". Alle 3 CD'er er produceret af Peter Lenskjold. Flot lytteværdig musik

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"First Exposure":

The Final Solution, Heavens Gate, One Spiritualized Guitar, Kicking back in Anger, Trends and Crimes.

"Sonic Revelations for the Blind":

Open, Song for Comfort, Drained and Blissed, King, Floating back in Time, Changing Horses, Feels like 1000 Years, The Gift of Wisdom, Holy Wars, A Picture of You, Remember who you are, Herbie, Nothing, Life is a Train, Turn of the Centuries, Close.

"Another Place / Another State":

The Rush, Waves, Fly away on Sunshine, Neuro Energizer, Civilians sells Computers, Borderline Queen, Shifting Girl, Travelling without moving, The Gardener, Birdmad Girl, Jimmie Boy, Wide awake, The State I'm in.