Jan Toftlund - Velkommen (Vinyl)



Jan Toftlund (2.dec 1949 – 5 juli 1990) had his debut as musician in Tivoli at "Vise Vers Huset" together with Erik Grip.

Jan Toftlund was a danish songwriter, composer, singer and guitarist. He wrote and was singing songs with a strong social commitment and he found inspiration in american folk - and bluestradition .Jan Toftlund lived the hard life with alcohol and cigarettes and he died only 40 years old.

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The songs are


Velkommen, Velfærdsbutik, Skolesang,Hilsen fra Sverige, Redaktørvise, Gamle Margrethe in Memoriam.


Velfærdsbutik (instrumental), Anmeldervise, Kræft, Bondeanger, Klimakterium – To.